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A fully integrated Real Estate ERP

ePMS Property Management and Real Estate Software

With the growing demand for real estate management of information within this department, ePMS Property Management and Real Estate Software is of service to the Real Estate sector. ePMS is composed of Property Sales, Brokerage, Property Lease, Financials, Asset Management, HR and Payroll that gives solution to the problems of Real Estate owners while adapting the web technologies that enables organizations to finish online transactions in  the fastest way possible. ePMS has created the software that could ensure proper data management within the premises of the business as well as providing different modules on a single platform that could help the Real Estate owners with their business.

Benefits of ePMS


With the help of ePMS- Real estate software, faster operation time is made available to costumers for a minimal cost. Property Management Software was also created using the latest and best technologies to meet the needs of the business sector.

Major Business Challenges Overcome By ePMS

This software has dealt with how users may look into their people’s performances and actual sales that can be used to compare with the target sales at any given point. ePMS has given focus on buying patterns that could help business owners know which of the products will be the most or least profitable for the company. With this, we would be able to advertise better and avoid too much of the unnecessary paperwork.

In ePMS, data regarding contracts, SPA, MOU, and Lease Agreements could be stored for easier tracking. This allows users to retrieve necessary information anytime they need. This could also avoid the loss of data if it would just be printed and stored manually. Our software could also incorporate the dynamic business rules and customizations that are needed in order for the company to work better with the stakeholders.

Since time has its equivalent financial value for each business, we have ensured that there will be no delays in getting reports. This is all thanks to the flexible system that operates to make the transactions up to date. Office productivity tools are also integrated into the system such as Email, Word, Excel, etc. providing more functionality and flexibility while focusing on a fully integrated centralized system. Scalability could also grow with the business, multi-locations, and easy development.